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Welcome Baby Liora

A baby girl joins our family. Proudly introduce our baby girl, (call her) Liora. A name which means God’s gift of light to me (in Hebrew) and the laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory (in English or Latin).     Maka, lahirlah orang tua baru yang masih muda ini! Hihi.

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pregnancy & birth

Kebutuhan Nutrisi Saat Hamil

The day when two magical lines appear in your pregnancy test would be one of your best days ever. Give the best for the baby! Betapa bersyukurnya ketika mengetahui ada si kecil dalam rahim. I always remember the feelings of seeing the magical lines: blessed, happy, and worry. Mengapa ada rasa khawatir? Saya merasakan dan …

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