About Me


Hi! Glad you found a way to my blog, one of my favorite places to go.

So here’s a little bit about me.

A Wife, Mom of one (surely will have more)

I’m Martha.

Martha Giovani Anggasta Paramita. Tita is actually my nickname. But Martha sounds cool, and Tita reminds me about my childhood memory—the name is so cute. So, call me… whatever you are comfortable with.

I’m from Lampung, Indonesia—specifically in Pringsewu. I was born In Bantul, Yogyakarta and ever lived in Bogor, Jawa Barat then we moved to Lampung on Dec 1999 (I was 5 yo). So, I grew up running and bicycling around in this small city and most of my childhood memory was here.

I’m married to the man who I dated for 7 years, Stanislaus Putra. In the first year of relationship, I felt that he was gonna be my future husband. I don’t know why just feel like he is the one. And guess who my husband is… HIM!

My husband works at Pharmacy Industry Company in Cikarang, Jawa Barat. Hu’um we are not in the same roof. We are having long distance marriage but distance means nothing when it comes to our love. And suddenly, a lightning strikes. Haha.

We have a sweet baby girl, Liora. Once she was born, parenthood is our last name. The art of being parents and having your “own family” is hard to explain. It’s where the heart of your life is… Well, I’m a working mom, since 2019. I’m doing great! Realizing that I’m raising a family and I’m working at my career feels like I want to succeed all at a time. I’m going for it and trying my best.

I started blogging in June 2018. I run my life 24/7 as a mom and I questioned myself whether it is okay for me of being a stay at home mom—only-at-home with the baby. In fact, I need “something” as my me time. Voila! I decided to build this space, to share a little bit about my experience, thought, or anything comes up into my mind, but especially about my motherhood journey.

I’m exciting having this to share with everyone. I hope this can be an inspiration and motivation or just be your bedtime reading. Happy reading! Feel free to comment and share what is yours. Enjoy!


Whatever the ups and downs in my life, I’m living my best life.