weekend with papa

Weekend with Papa #1: This Rare Quality Time

Weekend is just a blink of eyes; Especially when my husband’s home. Never feel enough for his presence at home. But surprisingly, that weekend, was so great that I can let him back to work happily and peacefully (no melancholic mood at all). Both me and my husband felt like we had high quality weekend. I questioned myself about this feeling. The facts really tickled me: Was it because we didn’t go to church? Ya unexpectedly my mom’s cousin came to visit us in 15 minutes before go to church. Or was it because the cough that my husband suffered for the whole week gradually recovered? The reason was: his best medicine IS ME! Seriously… he needed his wife to take care of him. Ehe.

So more than that, we just staying at home, laughing, loving, hugging, talking, and much to do. So I think of not going to church is best idea when my husband’s home haha.

One of the best moments was trying a new cafe in town, Paddy Cafe. The cafe opened at 4 pm so we managed to arrived at 5 pm before the sun really went to set. My husband, Liora, my mom, and brother were so excited for this new place.

This cafe is near paddy field. The view is much beautiful when the paddy is green because it’s good to refresh and relax our tired eyes. Unfortunately, the paddy was still in vegetative phase when we went there. However, the open hour is on perfect time, tho. We can enjoy the sunset and experience the lovely atmosphere when the moon takes its part. And the best moment off all was Liora was super nice! She didn’t whine. She wasn’t cranky. She enjoyed the moment. And we could eat peacefully–that’s the most important point.

We enjoyed the meal before the sunset.

This cafe had only grill menu (now has more menus there). You can grill whatever you want: squid, shrimp, beef, beef or fish meatballs, fish fillet, spicy chicken, or kind of veggies. We ate for more than 10 trays! And our favorite were beef and spicy chicken.

While enjoying our food, Liora was sitting on her father’s lap–eating her grapes (because she already had her meal). Sometimes, her little hands trying to catch everything on the table. So all was put out of her reach. Haha.

So here are the pictures of us:

((The lighting of the pictures are different because I used two different camera.))

After having a quick din din, me and my husband spend hours at night doing pillow talk. We discussed everything we couldn’t share it on the phone. Pillow talking till we couldn’t talk, and our eyes FINALLY closed; We fell asleep and… didn’t know the last topic we talked about that night. I super love that moment because it was the first time we had such A quality talk since months ago. You know long distance marriage is not easy. But we always try to create great moment when we are together in that limited time.

I wish I could stop the time. So when I open my eyes, I will go to that night again and repeat the moment with him with another story… dear time.

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